Our Law Firm was established by Rosario Fernandez Figueroa, Gustavo Heraud and Jorge Sanchez Arriola. Since its establishment, our firm has maintained a position of leadership in the Peruvian legal market and enjoys a well-recognized prestige. During recent years, and due to the natural growth of our organization, we have incorporated new lawyers, always with the premise of our spirit of association and union that inspired our founders and that is reflected in the relations that we maintain with our clients.


During all this time the members of our firm have provided important services of legal representation to real and legal persons both national and foreign, developing at the same time academic work in the principal universities and participating in the political and public life of our country.


Fernandez, Heraud & Sanchez develops its activities providing legal services in the different areas of the Law. Our lawyers have been formed in the best law schools of our country and have several specializations obtained in prestigious universities and institutions.


Through the years of professional practice, our firm has consolidated an important client portfolio linked to the business, public and private sectors; standing out also are the services we give to real persons in their legal requirements regarding family, business and others.




Our purpose is to maintain a team of excellent lawyers, sustained on permanent academic training and the strengthening of their experiences, added to a solid ethic formation of its members.


Our long term objective is to maintain and strengthen these qualities, as well as the relations with our clients.




We provide our clients direct, personal and close support, always under our principal ethical guide which is the basis of our profession

We provide professional, direct and personal support to our clients, under the guidance of our ethical and moral principles. We caution the adequate defense and security of their rights.